Treat your feet to something exceptional as you unwind with one of our relaxing spa pedicures. Sit back, put your feet up and let us shape, buff, and provide essential cuticle treatments to your nails and soothing massage relief to your feet. Nail polish is optional.  

*Gel Polish additional


Classic Pedicure


Deluxe Pedicure

A series of spa treatments featuring soothing soaks, exfoliation, hydrating mask, sugar scrubs, and foot massage are combined to create the most relaxing and healing of a spa experience.


Signature Spa Pedicure

All amenities of the deluxe  pedi plus flower serum, extra...extra foot massage, paraffin treatment and a fresh bag of implements.


Milk and Honey Pedicure

Skin Milk mixed with honey moisturizes and improves the skin.  Skin Milk contains various vitamins that provides anti-aging benefits and honey aids in rejuvenating skin cells which eliminates fine wrinkles.  This creamy lotion promotes a visibly smoother, firmer appearance leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh.


Oliver Pedicure (men)

Created just for men who want to experience the ultimate in relaxation while enjoying a drink of choice.  A volcanic soak and callus smoothing treatment come before a salt scrub.  Nails are detailed and buffed.  Cuticles cleaned.  Ending with a foot massage and our household been of oil.


Kids Spa Pedi

Kids deserves a little pampering too! 


Olivia Pedicure

This pedi provides the ultimate ORGANIC treatment for your feet.  Ingredients included in this treatment will scrub off that unwanted dead skin, massages away the aches and pains, and helps prevent callus build up.  Includes all of the same amenities provided in the "Signature Spa pedi." This is the preferred choice by clients.


CitrusTwist: (with a twist of citrus extract) Citruscontains anti-fungal and anti-septic properties which can be helpful in preventing and treating skin infections.  Open wounds can benefit from anti-septic properties.


Cucumber Fresh: (with cucumber extract) Cucumber and your skin share the same hydrogen level.  It

becomes easier for the cucumber extracts to mask all the problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin which can get you relaxed in no time!

Lavender Relieve: (a burst of lavender aroma and lavender extract) Lavender contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties that help reduce scarring, speed healing, and increases circulatory stimulant.  Overall, this promotes health and increases circulation.


Green Tea: Green tea is used to reduce dryness of the skin by quickly being absorbed through your epidermis.  Green tea also has anti-aging properties that fights free radical damage and promote overall skin health. 


Ultimate Deluxe Pedicure


Our stress relieving pedicure includes all of the features of our popular Olivia Pedicure plus clay mask to help eliminate toxins, rejuvenate dull skin, condition and hydrate your skin to a new level of well-being. To top it off, a hot stone massage to help increase circulation, decrease muscle spasm and soften the tissue. The healthier your skin, the brighter you glow!


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